Imagen 01 boletin

Boletín edición 05

Para nosotros es un gusto compartir con ustedes nuestro boletín Institucional con las actividades desarrolladas durante el mes de Junio en la Fundación Dame La Mano.
Imagen certificado de compromiso con la rendicion

Reconocimiento con la rendición social pública de cuentas

La Fundación Dame La Mano recibió la certificación de la Confederación Colombiana de ONG en cuanto al compromiso de rendición de cuentas. Este reconocimiento es importante para nuestra organización,...
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Stucco and painting course

Sign up for a free stucco and painting course which will be held at Fundación Dame La Mano. Start date: July 11th. Sign up at the link below the image 👇  
Photograph of a design on canvas.

Pattern Making Course

Through an alliance with SENA, a pattern making course began, where participants will learn the process of creating patterns or molds on paper or fabric that are used as a guide to cut...
Global logo giving

GlobalGiving Certification

The Dame La Mano Foundation received certification from 'GlobalGiving', one of the largest social crowdfunding platforms on the planet. Through this platform you can support...
Three smiling children playing in the park

Get to know our 'Godfather Plan

We would like to invite you to become a sponsor of the Dame La Mano Foundation, through a monthly voluntary contribution, you will be able to guarantee the education, food and maintenance...

Children in our programs

Families served in a comprehensive manner

Beneficiaries of job training programs

Personas impactas desde 1984, a través de nuestros diferentes programas y lineas de acción



Become part of the Fundación Dame la Mano through a financial contribution.


Sponsor Plan

We were looking for you to make synergies and continue caring for the social fabric of the Heart of Medellin. You can support us by sponsoring those who need it most.


Donations in kind

If you like to share what you have, here you can join and donate clothes, food or goods and give smiles.



If you are thinking of making a contribution or a gift or sharing something nice with those you hold dear to your heart, children and parents have created these solidarity kits for you.


Smiling woman talking to camera and giving testimony

I am very happy to visit the Dame La Mano Foundation, to be part of the volunteering, this allows us to fill our hearts and more than an experience for the children, it is an experience for us as volunteers as well, because we take those smiles in our hearts and that makes us better people.

Laura Valentina Arellano

Nutresa Volunteer

A smiling boy and girl holding donations made.

I feel very grateful to the Dame La Mano Foundation and to all the people who support them.

Thanks to them in the community, we can receive food that are a blessing for our children, here in the Foundation we always find a hope in difficult times, I am a migrant and the Foundation has given me many opportunities for my children to study and to access all the programs and assistance offered here.

Neritza Ruiz Rojas

Beneficiary 'Food Security Program'.

Family of 4, smiling in their renovated home.

For us it is a dream come true to see our house so beautiful, it is an great happiness to see the transformation of the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms and the floor of our house, all thanks to the support of the dignified housing program of the Dame La Mano Foundation and of course to all the people who made this dream come true.

Montoya Family

Beneficiaries of the 'Dignified Housing Program'.

Allies and partners